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About Us

We've spent years building our reputation as experts in garage door installation in Calabasas.We don't just fix and install doors; we make sure you get peace of mind knowing that one of life's most underappreciated conveniences is functioning smoothly. That's why every job we do comes with a satisfaction guarantee - big or small.

Our technicians aren’t merely hired hands but skilled artisans who understand the intricacies of garage door mechanics. With an arsenal of knowledge about different garage door parts, they ensure each piece works harmoniously for smooth operation.Their skills go beyond technical know-how. They listen to your needs, ask questions about your preferences, and give advice on how best to maintain your investment after it’s installed.

A Team Grounded In Expertise

Diligence In Every Detail

In our line of work, attention to detail isn’t optional—it’s essential. From selecting materials like PVC, wood or metal for their unique benefits to choosing between different types of garage doors, each decision reflects our commitment to quality.No stone goes unturned when it comes down to making sure everything fits perfectly together because at Dwayne Garage Door Repair, perfection isn't only desired – It's expected.

Customer Satisfaction Above All

We understand that garage door installation in Calabasas can be a significant investment. We strive to offer the most competitive prices without sacrificing quality or safety. Our team helps you navigate through cost considerations without compromising on quality or safety.We respect your time and aim for fast turnaround times because we know just how crucial having a functioning garage is in everyday life.

Experience You Can Trust

Dwayne Garage Door Repair has been transforming troublesome doors into seamless transitions in Calabasas homes since its inception. With countless successful installations under our belt, rest assured knowing that when you entrust us with your project, it’s in capable hands.It's not just about service, you're becoming part of the Dwayne Garage Door Repair family.

Quality Service Without Delays

A delay in installing a new garage door can disrupt not just your daily routine but also compromise the security of your property. We don't want you stuck with an unusable or unsafe garage door even for a day. So, whether you're looking for full garage door installation in Calabasas services, quick fixes on existing doors, or comprehensive repairs, trust us to get it done promptly.In fact, most installations are completed within one working day because we value both speed and precision. It’s like having Superman on speed dial – minus the cape.

(747) 330-0596

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Above & Beyond Customer Service

If our customers aren't happy, neither are we. That's why every garage door installation in Calabasas job comes with our ironclad satisfaction guarantee.We understand that investing in a new garage door is more than just another home improvement project. It’s about enhancing your home's curb appeal and ensuring the security of your possessions. Therefore, you need to feel confident that you've made the right choice - both with the product and service provider.

Our Promise

We don’t merely claim to offer quality; we stand behind it by giving each customer peace of mind through our Satisfaction Guarantee Policy. We’re not satisfied until you're delighted with your newly installed or repaired garage door.If for any reason you find yourself less than thrilled after completion of the work done on your Calabasas property, reach out to us immediately. Our team will do everything possible to fix what isn’t working – at no extra cost.

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